Oh wow! I haven’t been posting for a while huh.

I couldn’t say I’m busy, since It’s summer in my country, and pretty much once the summer for America or the other countries starts; School season starts again and I’ll probably be busy starting my year (That and learning programming languages).

I was going to post a rant/complaint about fandoms and the numerous types of haters and the hate they bring. But I forgot to post it since It was left in a draft and I’ll probably post that in the far far future. News update about my blog posts; Since It’s a personal blog, my post schedule will be random. So hopefully, once in a while, if someone checks out this blog, they’ll find some new rant or complaint that I did and will probably entertained by it, or mentally confused because of my idiocy.

Okay. So all of you readers and followers. Please don’t leave this blog in the shadows… yet. More post and contents will come!



I played a TF2 server earlier; I was a Pyro, and an Engineer, mostly Scout too.

In every server, there’s always that guy that complains like a fuckboy (wait i think i see an irony). He was pretty annoying as fuck, I felt like doing one of Johnny Cage’s move where he’ll punch someone’s nuts and be smug about it. People are annoyed on shits like noobs. To be honest, I’m a 55% of a noob myself, but those lil’ shits complains that noobs are bad players and shouldn’t even fucking play in that server.

Everyone was a noob in one point of their life, and everyday, even more noobs are coming to whatever game you can think of. It’s a never ending cycle.

Is there a stop on this epidemic? No.

Is there a solution about it? Well maybe.

Spawnkilling is a good choice too.


It’s.. uh, 12:32 AM here. And I’m compiling shitloads of panda stuff, I don’t even understand why I’m doing this.

Oh yeah, NoEnd thing.

I’ve been in-development for the past few days (either that or watching VanossGaming) and honestly, if i had to pick Python and C++. I would rather pick C++. It kinda looks more cleaner, even though Python was the one that’s suppose to do that. What am i even doing, why am i compiling this bullcrap

Oh yeah, NoEnd thing.

I just had a deja vu moment.


Ham, dam, lam, tam, bam, goddam.

For some reason, Goddam is acceptable on firefox. Either that or I added it to the Dictionary. Still makes me laugh that firefox is not accepted.

I have a question, for anyone who’s viewing this forsaken blog that-i-just-started-3-days-ago-maybe.
Have you got a goal in Life?

A little life-story from your rude pal ShadowStar: When I haven’t realized whatever i was supposed to do in this world, I was freaking lazy as hell, I don’t know what to do, my grades are average, but they’re slowly falling to hell. Why would i do some shit? I don’t even know what the future lies for me.
It’s sort of a nonsense phase. I don’t know what i was thinking back then. Hell, I might even punch my past self for thinking like that.

I started to realize what I can do, I’m a goddamn aspiring programmer. I finally had a goal that i can chase and accomplish. I improved after realizing that obvious thing.

The story hasn’t end… well, yet. Currently it sits on the part where “ShadowStar’s sitting on a chair, writing stupid shit for his blog”

Enough of this shit. All of you readers. Die in hell, and we’ll see you guys later.