I played a TF2 server earlier; I was a Pyro, and an Engineer, mostly Scout too.

In every server, there’s always that guy that complains like a fuckboy (wait i think i see an irony). He was pretty annoying as fuck, I felt like doing one of Johnny Cage’s move where he’ll punch someone’s nuts and be smug about it. People are annoyed on shits like noobs. To be honest, I’m a 55% of a noob myself, but those lil’ shits complains that noobs are bad players and shouldn’t even fucking play in that server.

Everyone was a noob in one point of their life, and everyday, even more noobs are coming to whatever game you can think of. It’s a never ending cycle.

Is there a stop on this epidemic? No.

Is there a solution about it? Well maybe.

Spawnkilling is a good choice too.


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