Oh wow! I haven’t been posting for a while huh.

I couldn’t say I’m busy, since It’s summer in my country, and pretty much once the summer for America or the other countries starts; School season starts again and I’ll probably be busy starting my year (That and learning programming languages).

I was going to post a rant/complaint about fandoms and the numerous types of haters and the hate they bring. But I forgot to post it since It was left in a draft and I’ll probably post that in the far far future. News update about my blog posts; Since It’s a personal blog, my post schedule will be random. So hopefully, once in a while, if someone checks out this blog, they’ll find some new rant or complaint that I did and will probably entertained by it, or mentally confused because of my idiocy.

Okay. So all of you readers and followers. Please don’t leave this blog in the shadows… yet. More post and contents will come!


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