As I walk on the streets of my country, I see pregnant teens, broken families, and poor people living in the edge of a dirty lake. I’m not saying I’m a rich one though, I like to think of myself as a middle-class person. While my family is considered rich… we’re actually poor as hell for the actual rich people.

Now let’s go to the topic, I’m a bit confused on what ignorance/ignorant means, but usually It means stupidity of a person… right?

It’s a bit hard to know why people keep doing idiotic things in an obvious situation, a guy is horny enough to impregnate his girlfriend, but why the fuck did the girl agreed on performing intercourse? Knowing that the consequences of pregnancy of this country is through the roof, and the responsibilities of a parent is too pretty fuck hard. Why do they even do it? I saw a girl that helped me through my first week (I wasn’t familiar to the school I enrolled in) She’s still 15-17, and I see her walking with a bloated belly. That’s not fat, that is too solid to be fat. Well, this country is not the only country who has that problem, right?

There’s a lot of dropouts on my country. Just a lot, didn’t say mostly everyone did. Some of the successful people are working abroad right now, or probably an employee for a famous company. But I have never seen a person reach the top as a pure-blood country person. There are some who married a guy or a gal, who bores an actor or some intelligent person in the future. But that’s a half-blood person, I would like to see just one person to achieve recognition that my country has never seen before.

(Fuck, as the time of writing this, I’ve realized there was a boxer who Is now famous right now, and he was a pure-blood country man too. Oh well, I reached this far)

*sigh* We’ll see an improvement in the future.


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