(WARNING: This post is a bit long compared to my previous blog posts and It involves stupid ranting and possibly offensive material for people out there who either supports same-sex marriage or the Christians who immediately reacts about this and rejects the idea… er immediately. If you’re quickly offended by this and planning to leave my blog ASAP. You do not belong to this blog in the first place as I post fuckshit long rants about some current events and will include some offensive material. OTHERWISE enjoy the post!)

I came back from a hard-working hell named School, and obviously, I would’ve posted in around the middle of July or somewhere in the end of the week, but this subject that I am about to discuss is too much irresistible to talk about.

Now, obviously from the title, I’m back here to talk about US’s recent same-sex marriage bill… or law, I don’t know how the fuck they’re supposed to be called.

Almost everyday people protest on something that is lawfully accepted, sometimes they go to other cultures and laws or they even fucking exploit their own country’s history just to reject said bill or law. Normally, If nothing else can be found, there is one solution. The Bible. As we all know, Christians are rejecting the idea of US’s same-sex marriage bill due to a verse… or verses about not lying to self’s gender or marriage is between a Man and a Woman.

I’m not saying that I support same-sex marriage, in fact, I am against it.

Yes, I’m one of those Christians who believes on the bloody Bible verses about it. But, I’m not the one overreacting over the Internet and stupidly moving to Canada (In which, some people still haven’t heard the news). Possibly hundreds of Christians are still complaining in the social media Or maybe not, since the fad was since June 27 and It probably died off quickly by now.

I don’t have a problem with homosexuals though, hell, half of my country are infested with them. I’m just annoyed on those typical stereotypical homosexuals that I just want to punch in the bloody head with that move from Mortal Kombat.

I believe that homosexuality is a sin, but pleaaase, If someone goes throughout the Internet just to see this original post to prove me otherwise, just don’t. I know that shitlots of things that humanity has done in the past is a sin. Almost everything is a bloody sin. We weren’t even supposed to do hard work or any kind of work in Sundays, or shave. We, the humanity, are sinners. It’s inevitable to not cause sins. Don’t shove the bloody Pope in my face because I’m not a fucking Catholic.

Now even though I don’t support same-sex marriage, or think that homosexuality shouldn’t be done. I’m not going through the Internet or the streets just to yell homosexuals to bloody go to Hell where they belong. I treated them with rights before that bill was even approved, as one of the verses in the Bible did say. Love your neighbours as you love yourself, If they are your enemy, then don’t bloody fight and just go along with it.

In the end, I don’t have the right to say whatever is allowed or not allowed, nor the politicians, the atheists, the religious leaders, literally no one. Hell, may the first without sin cast the first stone or something. God is the one who decides what’s allowed or isn’t. If the homosexuals want same-sex marriage or “equal rights” then fine, I don’t care about it, just sayin’ that I don’t have the big man’s opinion about it though.

If you’re still going to counter-argue with “God isn’t real, lol stupid”.
I only have one simple reply to you.



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