It’s that time of the month again, ghost people.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking for the past few weeks, and It’s full of regret, depression, and food. But, more specifically, the regret part. Not too much specific of course, due to privacy reasons.

Let’s go back to the past for a bit, blah blah blah I didn’t do something that made me regret 5 years of my life, It was something that makes me happy, and since April, I… lost.. it. Since then, I was plagued by pressure and regret. It was affecting my studying and grades on school too, for it’s my only source of emotional support.

All of you readers, well… If some of you are still alive… Have you done something that made you regret it for some or the rest of your life? One of the things that I learned when I lost… it last April. It’s to not have second thoughts on a path that makes you happy. Whatever it is, food, religion, sexuality, murder, death, c’thulu, the dark ag no wait, I think it’s escalating quickly.

Back on the point, please, don’t make the same mistakes that I did, if ever I went back on time to get a chance to do it. I would, I don’t care if I was rejected, I still would. How foolish of me to not do it, now it just gave me a curse of regret and bitterness, quite ironically, it was the thing that almost changed me, the one that can possibly make me feel more sociable.

Well, without it, this blog wouldn’t exist. It was one of the reasons why i made this blog, other than rants and complaints about some news that catches my attention. I just wish.. why.. did it go away, i apologized, but it rose up an argument of some sorts. It’s like i wasn’t actually forgiven.

I’m sorry..

I went a bit overboard there. Forgive me readers.
I’ll have to lessen my thinking.


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