Hello dear ghost people (Seriously, is someone still reading this?)

Where have I been gone? Well after August 2015 my schoolwork increased dramatically leaving no space for any rants or depression things whatsoever. Speaking of which, depression will be gone for a bit now as things started to repair itself… slowly.

Why haven’t I just made another random post of nothingness? I have no idea, this is actually one of those random posts where I talk about some stuff that no one usually reads.

Now the whole reason I made this blog because after my severe case of depression I had a crazy idea to just let it all out in this thing, man does Insanetation even exist? (Also it’s pronounced as /inˈsānnəˈtāSH(ə)n/ or in’san’E’tation. I sometimes call it INSANETATION, sounds like presentation. Yeah I made up the pronunciations above) It disappeared since my long awaited distraction came and I stopped trying to be depressed (I focused on school work instead, eugh.)

Anyway does this post do anything besides update or explaining the whole reason on why this blog exists?

Nah, I’ll see you readers later.


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