Hey there! Yes I’m still not dead, I mostly am active on other platforms, mostly Steam.

So what happened to little ol’ me? Depression is gone since my feelings for a certain someone just wiped away after 3-4 years of not letting go, and trust me, feelings are the one thing that just fuel the ranting soul inside of me.

Life is starting to get a little better for myself, I’m actually improving and I don’t want it to stop; and that’s why I’m not letting anything let me down for now. I’ve been taught for the past few years to be brave and to let no one bring me down.

About the blog, I’ve never stopped thinking about this blog, but I just never knew what to type in. If I did write my daily thoughts, it would be rather boring as my life is a repeating cycle of eat, school, rest, sleep. That’s why I rarely post, but it doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning the ghost people still reading my thoughts from time to time!

I’ve been inspired to finally start to code, I never really knew how to code C/C++ but I know how to read or understand code of it. Maybe in the end of the year, I’ll be coding programs and finally jump start my life.

For now, I’m on lesson 1, and it’s time to start a new chapter in my life, learning and experiencing new things from now on.

So, ghost people who ARE reading this, still keep on tune for my future posts! I won’t abandon you guys.

I’ll see you guys later.