(Warning: Idiotic rantings below, if you are easily offended, dont even bother to comment.)

Before starting this blog post, let me make an update about what happened to me. First of all, I’ve been busy for the past few months with school as this is my final year; things became more hard. I became less dramatic, which is really good, but it made me think a lot about life. About the posts, I actually list a lot of ideas on what to post in this blog in my phone, it’s a bit hard to think of posts actually. An “Insanetation” post needs to be a topic, or something I emotionally bound with to talk about, something that’s clear and needs to be discussed with.

All in all, I actually improved a lot these past few months, and my situation is so-so. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either.

My goal is to never abandon this blog, trust me, i love this blog, even if some or no one reads it. I just want to have a place to put my opinions aside.

I’ll try to make a more specific update next time.

For today’s post, let’s talk about the bar. What is the bar you might ask? Some of you probably watched a pretty wonderful show named South Park and they tackled a topic about obesity and how in the hell did America sunk so low to suddenly not be bothered by this. Now that episode might’ve shown the bar to be risen up by James Cameron but something happened along the line.

Ever since June/July 2015, the gay marriage thing was approved, things changed, maybe even before 2015, but after that date a lot of things happened with the bar. SJWs, commentators, pussies (and by that I mean the weak peeps who thinks this or that shouldn’t be allowed).

What happened exactly? Well after that date, I started to notice that everyone just accepted everything. Fatshaming became Fat acceptance, gender equality more like female domination, liars liars liars, politically correctness, other shit’s been going on. The bar sunk down again, and after that date, I think it sunk so low, it could’ve went to another dimension or something far far below the ocean.

Now, probably some people might be offended by this post, but hell, my blog name has “insane” in it, where shit happens all the time. It’s a bit good that people started to accept things, but today, they accept things too much that everybody seems to be pussies and they are easily offended. Hell I’ve seen a lot of moments of someone being offended at the Internet. You know? The place where terrible people lives? I mean seriously, if you think the world is made of sunshine and rainbows where people just follow the rules and try to be so PC then honey, you’re not going to survive in this world

The Internet is one terrible place, i mean it both is and isn’t a terrible place. It exists so people like me voice out their opinions on other shitty opinions. It’s a battlefield.

People shouldn’t be easily offended, back then if you made a joke to the other gender we’ll just laugh it off. Now if you made a joke you’ll be called a sexist pig and probably “trigger” someone. Also a lot of feminists has a warped definition of “triggered” and hell even tumblr pussies use that word.

Another shitty thing that has happened are the genders. There are only 2 genders in my book, dont give me that bullshit on being a genderfluid or demigender what not. People are making shitty excuses about genders today and that is fucking bad. We teach children about genders and if you pull this bloody crap about being genderfluid or other pussy ass gender, we’ll have 126+ genders and counting and it would be hard for them to identify themselves anymore.

The societal bar have sunk so hard since the past year, and eventually, if this thing became more worse and worse. I’ll lose faith to humanity, this is unacceptable. We were once a tough species and now having this bullshit is like some macho person becoming overly obese. Gladly, most of these people only exists on the United States, and frankly, it should either stay there or people should fucking toughen up and stop being pussies.

I swear, if I saw someone acting like this in my country, i’ll punch them in the face.

Forgive the swearings.

tl;dr: stop being pussies america, everyone else in the world hates you, dont make another reason to hate you more.