It’s.. uh, 12:32 AM here. And I’m compiling shitloads of panda stuff, I don’t even understand why I’m doing this.

Oh yeah, NoEnd thing.

I’ve been in-development for the past few days (either that or watching VanossGaming) and honestly, if i had to pick Python and C++. I would rather pick C++. It kinda looks more cleaner, even though Python was the one that’s suppose to do that. What am i even doing, why am i compiling this bullcrap

Oh yeah, NoEnd thing.

I just had a deja vu moment.



Hello Readers! (who the hell am i talking to, what readers?)

Anyway, I’m planning to make a 3d remake development of a story called “NoEnd House” I understand there’s actually a remake that someone made which is located on this lil’ button. But, as of the time I’m writing this; I’m giving that old creator an email just to notify him of my current project.

This thing is actually one thing that will make me motivated on learning C++. Hopefully I managed to do this right, and hell, I might make a more slightly polished version of the game.

I expect this thing to be successful. It needs to be.