Everyday is a new sunrise.

Yeah, the Sun will rise up everyday and will burn the fuck out of our skins. Welp, depending on where you live anyway.

I live in the far far far East of the world (Hopefully no motherfucker will say WHERE EXACTLY in a comment) and the weather news here? Well It ain’t worse as Death Valley, but it ain’t better than it too. Now, I’m not saying that you can cook eggs in the ground, salted, flipped, and served Sunny side-up. Lets just say It’ll turn a white shit into 20% tan, and 80% cooked nigga lobster.

My country has 99 problems, and trust me, It’s still counting. Thievery, prostitution, kidnapping, people killing themselves because that one lil’ shit sang a song with some random tune that’s so hard to hear in the ear.

Shitloads of things that happens man, and I’m just sitting here, watching VanossGaming, eating some chips, surfing the damn internet because of a deleted pr0n video.

Life is flashing before my eyes man, and I don’t know what to do about it.



Basically, It’s been so long since I made a new blog.
Trust me, I don’t even remember my last one, and I already deleted burned it into the virtual ground.

A lot of things changed in WordPress, and it seems that I can’t edit my own bloody theme. Maybe you really can’t do that in the past. But hell, what the fuck WordPress, I really had second thoughts on choosing you, I was even preferring Tumblr instead of you!

All that aside, WordPress is really easy to use. BUT I CANT EVEN WRITE MEIN OWN THEME, FUCK YOU GODDAMNIT And I’m pretty sure I’ll not work this thing out, just need to Burn WordPress get used to it.